Best practise to avoid losing tokens

I read a lot of posts in this forum where members lost tokens either by swapping (often due to low gas reserves) or sending.

Most of those posts end without any reply from the MM Support.

So, I am a little worried now, since I always assumed that MM is reliable and - unless you insert a wrong address, use scam bridges, etc. - won’t lose your token.

So my question is: Are there any best practises to prevent one from losing tokens?

(I studied the faq’s but could not find any explanations / best practises,)


But I don’t mean such general thoughts (If you are thirsty, you have to drink :slight_smile: ).
I mean best practises when transfering / swapping tokens in order not to lose them.

If all the posts here were solved publicly, I could study those posts and learn.
But since most of the threads of the posts end without a solution, we don’t know

  • whether the author was confused or
  • MM has a bug
  • or anything else.