Binance USDT sent to BUSD Metamask by mistake. Plz help

I have sent USDT from Binance to BUSD Metamask by mistake. Plz help me

First and most important rule in the crypto game is that PAY ATTENTION! ALL transactions are final and cannot be reversed. Hope you have learned and it was not too expensive. Good luck in the future

Okay not big deal. You can easily swap to BNB utilizing bianche bridge service but if you want to buy some token bep20 you do not need to swap… Just enter in the defi dApp -such as pancake swap- and buy your token with the BUSDT.
This happened because you select bep20 -the chipper solution- before transferring your usdt without knowing that they are an etherum token… So the system has no other choice to manage usdt on bsc to WRAP them in bep20tokenizedUSDT, or in other words BUSDT.
As I say not a big deal but only because you created a well known and used token. I really suggest you go more deeply on the subject of wrapped tokens. Ciao