BUSD (BEP20) to USDT (ERC20)

Hi ,

I have sent USDT from Metamask (BSC) to a custidial exchange (Change Invest) they use ERC20 network by mistake and of course , funds did not get there.
I have contacted change invest and they are sending me to contact Binance… because its their Network… of course Binance sent me to Metamask and here i am … i already sent a ticket to support and see what they can do but it seems that i have lost all my funds right?

Any help?
Appreciate it.


You get any update on this?? Just happened me too!

Hi enfenn, nothing to do yet… Still waiting for a response from change invest…

Yeah, I just got word that is’s gone from MM so there’s nothing they can do.

Mine was sent to Crypterium and they’re saying that because they don’t trade on Binance there’s nothing they can do either. They also won’t give me the seed phrase to my USDT wallet but I guessed they wouldn’t do that.

It’s looking like it’s gonna sit there in the interwebs purgatory until either ChanceInvest or Crypterium starting trading on BSC. Which won’t be any time soon!!

Would like to talk to you privately… How can we contact each other?