Block transactions to certain address or 2F authentication

A simple solution for those who have a compromised wallet, is to have the option to BLOCK transactions for other addresses.
This would need a metamask database, but it would increase the security of metamask and even allow people who were compromised and can’t even put some funds in their account just to pay the fees.
That would help some people to recover some tokens, and give then a little time to save funds from bots and hackers, who would have to be constantly using new addresses just to continue hacking.
It would also be the first wallet with that function!

Adding a 2F authentication for transactions would also save those people, and increase the security of the wallet.

Adding a 2F authentication first requires a server, and then requires MM to change from a decentralized wallet to a centralized one. How to associate 2FA with your MM wallet? How can you prove that the wallet is yours? Via public key or private key?
Any hacker who stole your seed can get both.
Could it be that you plan to let MM perform facial recognition to determine the ownership of the wallet?
If you promise to pay the annual server fee, the database maintenance staff fee, and the extra salary of the software engineer, I think MM may consider 2FA.
If you are really a person who cares about the security of your digital assets, you would have used a hardware wallet with MM for a long time, instead of whimsical here!


I also think placing a function in the application would be the solution, it would be the blockability of the reference title. This would not solve the problem but would give the user a chance to move their content to another peer account.


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But It is useful for sweeper bot. there is sweeper bot in my wallet how stole my all assets and metamask support cant do anything at this case they have their limits so its better to add this feature at least it make metamask more secure.