BNB Smart Chain hacked

Hi all,

i have a MetaMesk BNB Smart Chain wallet. If I transferd BNB to this wallet the coins go directly out to an other wallet. I have create a new password and I create a new Account and imported all my old accounts. but the problem is the same. Coins in Coins out.
I have in this wallet same other Coins. But if I will transfers the other coins I need BNB for Fee. What can I do to transfer the other coins to my new account?


Hi, sounds like your wallet is compromised/hacked, so please don’t use it. Create new one and start using that from now on. They probably have script and automated to milk this wallet. stay safe and good luck. never ever use this wallet again.


Thank you for your help. But I have other Coins in the Wallet and I will transfer the coin to the new wallet. But if I will transfer the coins I need BNB. What can I do?

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Sadly you always need BNB/ETH for gas fees when using their network, there’s no way around it. if you have any BNB leave some for gas fees then transfer remaining bnb balance if you have it to the new wallet.

And that’s the problem. I don’t have BNB and if I will transfer BNB the coin go to an other wallet. Is there no way to transfer the coins without BNB?

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Sadly no, all block chains are the same eth/bnb/fantom. if you have BEP-20 coins then you need BNB to transfer any BSC coins. send me your wallet address I will send you some BNB.

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Thank you but if I transfer BNB to my wallet the bnb coins goes directly to the other wallet. Do you have other options for transfer bnb?

Damn sorry t hear that - I don’t know another way you can take coins out without gas fees - it’s the downside of these block chains! The only reason you still got coins there is probably lack of gas fees. It might be best to leave there 4 now as they probably won’t send bnb to the wallet and if they do cash out b4 they do.

I am really sorry - I lost all my funds before and can relate. we need better security and protection in the future for cryto to me main stream.

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Hey @DanWeil, sorry to hear this has happened.

Unfortunately, if there is BNB being automatically transferred out of your compromised wallet, there is not much you can do to recover your remaining funds. There are however some specific methods you can use to help you recover your funds, such as recruiting a time of whitehat hackers or signing a batch of transactions.

Here is some more information on our Knowledge Base:

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Hi nakedwinnie, where can I find a batch or a white hat hacker? I have heard from a script for transfer directly the coins out. But I don’t know where can I find or who can help me?

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There are some whitehat hackers that you can try to contact to help you with this. MetaMask is not affiliated with these individuals/teams in any way, and you must contact them at your own discretion. Here is one example:


Hi, did you manage to find a way to get your coins and/or stop the bot from stealing your BNB?

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