Brave browser extension - severe slowness

I was using Metamask on Chrome (Windows) for several months and it was fine. But as soon as I switched to Brave on the same machine, it’s been VERY slow in responding. By ‘slow’, I mean minimum 10 seconds for the window to appear when I click on the extension in the top-right, or if a Dapp/Dex needs a transaction to be approved then it often takes 30 seconds for the box to appear. It can be a pain when yield farming because I’m constantly moving money around.

I’m also convinced that the slowness contributes to more failed transactions for me. I deal a lot with volatile small cap coins. I think MM takes such a long time that the price has actually changed by the time I get to confirm the transaction, so it fails.

As I say, it was OK with Chrome.

It is not linked to any hardware wallet, it’s just normal Metamask.

I use Metamask with about 10 different networks and they all behave like this.

I doubt very much that this is a cache/reset problem, because it was working all OK on Chrome for me, then the moment I switched to using Brave (when transaction history would have been empty) I noticed it slow down significantly.

Any ideas?

I have asked this same question on the Brave forums but the only thing they suggested was “have you asked on the Metamask forums?”

You can completely install another Google Chrome on another computer.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. Can you explain what you mean?

why switch to Brave ? just use chrome .

The reason is privacy. Google can’t be trusted for this, especially when you’re running a crypto wallet from the browser. That’s why I moved away from it.

what about firefox browser?

Thanks for this suggestion. I will do some research on the privacy aspect of Firefox compared with Brave.

Have you tried uninstalling and installing MetaMask on Brave again? It is most likely an issue on your local device.

I have the same problem on both of my devices. Laptop and desktop

Sorry to hear the issue still continues.

If you would like, you can submit a ticket to our support team at and click Start a conversation

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