【bug】About connect issue

After I used uniswap to connect to MetaMask, then I closed the page and reopened the page, sometimes I couldn’t connect.
Then I execute the following code in the console:
const provide = new _ethers.providers.Web3Provider(window.ethereum)
provide.provider.request({ method: ‘eth_chainId’ }).then((data) => console.log(data))
I found that this request is still in pending. I speculate that there is a problem with the execution of js injected by MetaMask.
I also tried other web3 websites, and this problem also occurs.
version: 10.30.2

To reproduce this issue, do not open the console

same problem in gmx

Hello @smalljiucai.eth_X2Y2 !

Try updating MetaMask to the current version 10.30.4.
What browser are you using? Is this the latest version of Google chrome or some kind browser on Chromium? Write its current version


it is the latest version of Google chrome. 113.0.5672.126

and now i update metamsk to 10.30.4, this problem still exists

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