Bug of Metamask portfolio buy

There is a problem with the MetaMask portfolio website in a mobile web browser, after selecting a Quote, when I click on one quote like Moonpay, the button becomes “Error with MoonPay” and there is an error thrown out: ‘refused to set unsafe header “accept-encoding”’, I think there is a compatibility problem, you should check it out.

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Can you share what device and browser you are using?

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I’m using an Android device.
actually, the browser in MetaMask mobile also has the same issue,
I can’t complete the buy flow, it should open a new Moonpay window/tab, but it doesn’t.

last time, I didn’t @ you.

Thanks for raising this!

Team has been informed and is working on this. As for now, the Mobile app also natively supports on-ramps that you can use.


Hi, how’s it going on?

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