BUSD stuck in MM in ETH Chain

Hi there, i have a problem: i have transfered BUSD from Coinbase Wallet via ETH Chain to Metamask in order to bridge it from there to BSC (i borrowed it from AAVE on ETH Chain so it´s Native ETH BUSD). It appears in MM in ETH Chain, i can see it in ETH Scan, so all looks normal. But when i try to send it out or bridge it, the approval always failes immediately. So i cannot move it out of Metamask again. Looks like a MM Bug to me! I was thinking BUSD might be looking for BNB Gas instead of ETH Gas in ETH Chain … which is not there of course … just an idea … can anyone tell me what to do?

Hey @sebochan, make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet, it may be that there just isn’t enough to cover the gas fee.

Have you also tried using another bridge?