Didn't find my BUSD Transfer from ERC20 to BSC (Same Wallet)

Hi This is Sham,
I’m new user of Metamask,
Yesterday i was setup Binance smart chain (BSC) at my metamask wallet (Same wallet Different netwaork),

Then i have $2059 BUSD , i was try to send this amount to bsc network via Binacne Bridge!
Once i proceed to metamask ask me to pay gas fee for transfer & It was successful !
But now when i check bsc scan there is no transection! when i check etherscan yes i got report that was successful transfer!
afterwords , i add BUSED token at bsc network there but i couldn’t find my money!

Can you guys please help me to resolved this?
i’m worry i send wrong address of erc20 or what?

I give you the receiver link you may check there, really no knowledge about this…

Please help me guys!!

This is ether details for receiver!

If anything needed please let me know

Thank you