BUSD to BNB approved but dont appear in metamask

Hello guys. I did yesterday(17 hours ago) a swap in pancake swap(BUSD-BNB), but the amount in metamask dont change. In bsscan it seems like the transaction was approved, but dont swap for BNB, and i still have BUSD. How does it appear that i have BUSD(bsscan and metamask), i try to deposit in binance and looks like i dont have resource in BUSD, but also isnt possible transfer BNB because dont have the correct amount(after swap) of BNB.

I wanna know what is the procedure in this case or how long can it be to regularize, because i need transfer to binance. Thanks in advance.


I sent a massage to Metamask several hours ago, but until now i dont receive any answer.

With a decentralized exchange, there are typically two transactions:

  1. Token approval to allow the dex to manage the specific tokens you are swapping
  2. Swap transaction to execute the transaction itself.

Are you sure you completed both of these transactions? It sounds like to only completed the first.

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Exactly, completed only the approval(the first). Dont swap the exact token(i think the second transaction). My question is if this is normal. 21 hours is normal? Or am i worry about nothing? Im new in this market. The transaction hash in bsscan is 0x7e405eb3f5b1f810443fee24db94f78cbe7f235d84c65cd13ed947cbf657aea0.

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Yes, generally the BUSD default set on Metamask doesn’t work. I had the same issue, I found the issue was with the contract address. The contract address you should use as a custom token 0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56. Once done, you’ll see all your tokens back.


Hey @Lsp, the BNB is not in your MetaMask wallet because you have only approved the token and have not actually done the swap transaction. As mentioned before, you have only done the first step and not the second step where the swap is actually confirmed.