Can not Swap / Withdraw BUSD

Hi there

I’m new to metamask, i have deposit 102 busd to my metamask wallet, the 102 appear there, but whenever i want to swap to any coins, the swipe button can not work,

i have tried also using pancake swap, after i connected it, then swap to any coin its’s same, the confirm button is disabled, i don’t know why this happen

when i want to withdraw back to trustwallet, the balance shown for busd is 0, it should be 102
can you please help on my case, i’m near frustating trying other way


Hi @Leon set BSC like this :point_down:

You need some BNB to pay for gas on BSC chain :smiley:

Hi @Luigi

thanks for the quick reply, so the button cannot be swapped because of gas fee ya, :sweat_smile:
i’m near frustated finding why

ok let me try to send gas fee in bnb, i have set bsc network also

YES :smiley: Binance Smart Chain gas is BNB :rocket: and BSC transaction working…

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yeahh it’s working finally

thanks aloottt @Luigi :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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