Can not find the transaction in metamask wallet gone

i can not find my transaction in metamask from Bianance here is the transaction

You’ve successfully withdrawn 0.04246273 BNB from your account. where did it go

Withdrawal Address : 0x21155d41232C44b59227c03b9a5B4Ea7b3c41Ac5
Transaction ID : 0x6a86335c96e8ce722c01b2c85dca48565c34a7560d0c61001a3c8e6c8c299b2b

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Your BNB has been successfully transferred to the address you provided. Is this your address?

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yes thats the address but i can not find that in my metamask wallet where are you are seeing that how do i find that

He is in your wallet. You can see BNB as long as you open metamask. You need to check it in BSC chain

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so i have to add the BSC Chain to see it do you have a link for that chain please

Please review the following documents

I Am in my metamask wallet now and in BNB but dont see it in there

i have this chain Binance Smart Chain and i am in my metamask wallet under Binance Smart Chain BNB and i see zero nothing in there

BNB has been shown in your account on the block. Please make sure it is the address: 0x21155d4132c44b59227c03b9a5b4ea7b3c41ac5

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yes that is my metamask wallet but there is nothing in it unless i am doing something wrong

You are sure that you are in the Smart chain and that your address 0x21155d41232C44b59227c03b9a5B4Ea7b3c41Ac5 is showing like on the screenshot ?


how do i find this address in my metamask wallet if i have lost it

You can only restore your account address through the private key or mnemonic

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mine says binance smart chain

how i will do that then as i have my private keys

But what address do you see?

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That’s weird. Then you should see your BNB

Try to click the 3 dots and click “View account in explorer”. Can you see your BNB there ?


sorry i could not reply as i used up all my quota i am not sure whats going on unless i have two accounts some how with the same address

so this address 0x21155d41232C44b59227c03b9a5B4Ea7b3c41Ac5 is a metamask address for BNB right as i am connected to the BNB site through metamask and i am in this address with 0 amount in there even thought the bsc scan shows the address with money in it how do i get to that address as there seams to be a bit of confusion with it all and yes i did do the transfer and it says completed in my binance account with this address as well but it is not showing un under BNB in my metamask account can you tell me how to get to this address even if there are maybe two accounts as thats all i can think of unless i am doing something wrong.