Can not witdraw cake

im can transfer from mycrypto. com from metamask but cant withdraw for any wallet

im panceke swap im cant make nothing, even swap, stake or no other thing im have 1.285 cake waths is happening?

Hey @VitorSilva2021 Welcome to the MetaMask Community.
Are you using the mobile app of extension? Are you seeing any error messages when you try to withdraw your cake?

im using the chrome extension on vivaldi, and the messages say you dont have funds, but im have cake im dont understand…

Cake are on Binance Smart Chain network. which require BNB for transaction fees, do you have BNB in that same waller?

dont have im have think tath im can change cake for bnb or another anyone crypto
them im need bnb to witdraw cake? is tath?

To swap Cake for BNB, you will still need BNB for the swap.

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ah ok im understanded now thanks!

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