Binance to MetaMask balance not showing

I have checked on bscscan and its says transferred but i didn’t received any on MetaMask Wallet.

You’ve successfully withdrawn 1.31000000 CAKE to the address .
Your withdrawal address is 0x5Dcac9DD1932894CE07AC47a559f7Ad1E7e63B12,txid is 0x9ebe30e26c05c64996a4b40e4c3e146044e8cbcd2bbd74bcecc5173690f1cef5

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Hey @hasanmirza97 Welcome to the MetaMask Community. Please read this thread. I don't see the tokens I sent from Binance to my MetaMask

Thank you it showing now.
Another question tho how can I refund back to binance ? i’m trying to send to wallet address and it asking for gas fee and error insufficient fund.

Any transaction on the BSC will require some BNB for transaction fees. This article should be able to guide you thought

I have 1.31 Cake onn my wallet. Can I pay for gas with it ? I want my cake back on bianace

Transaction fee on the BSC network is only BNB :upside_down_face:

I have 1.31 Cake Token on my Metamask wallet but I cant swap it or send it. Its asking for ETH Fee. Is there any way to swap Cake to ETH and pay for fee ?

hasanmirza97 no no ETH :see_no_evil: you transaction is on the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC) :point_down:

and Binance Smart Chain transaction fee is BNB not ETH

I sent you 0.0012345 BNB :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Open your Binance account :upside_down_face: and copy
the correct address for PancakeSwap (Cake) BEP20 token :point_down:

Same issue here, my eth was completedly withdrawn from my binance but not showing on meta mask Please help!

I have sent my Eth to this address Address
but not showing on my metamask acct.Please help ! I have changed the Network just now and its now on BNB but still no funds . Please help !!!

Thank you for your time but sir I didnt received BNB you have send me. I noticed I have 0.0007 ETH on my metamask wallet. I tried to send back Cake coin to my binance and paid for gas fee using Eth. But I lost 0.00015 ETH and Cake transaction failed.

@hasanmirza97 the transaction failed :point_down: because you used small Gas Limit (probably)

how much gas limit and Gwei i should use to transer ?
Once again thank you so much for your time.