Sent cake from binance to metamask but no value. Please help!

I sent 11.07 cake from binance, as BEP-20 on binance smart chain to my metamask. I added the binance smart chain mainnet network to my metamask. I can see the transaction, and I’ve added the token to my metamask but no value still shows.

Also new to this so not sure what I can link and what not to link so really need some help here. Can also add that I sent over some BNB and it arrived instantly to my metamask wallet but the CAKE is still missing

I also have bsc scans if you need em but not sure if i should link them? is it safe?

Help is very much appreciated.

Hi @Chrissmash when you enter your ETH address on the page you see 11.07 cake there?

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Sorry im very noob where do I find my eth adress? :open_mouth: is it my adress in metamask?

YES :point_down: I mean this ETH address.

metamask address

No I cant see my cake when I put in that adress on btc scan :confused:

Hmm :thinking: only BNB you see on the page any OUT transaction?

Kan I link you the bscan is it safe? I see 3 OUT transactions 2 is 0 BNB and 1 is 0.47 bnb

It’s not very safe.

Open your profile enter your ETH address in About me for a moment

I will look at your transactions :slightly_smiling_face:

ok did that thanks tell me when i should remove

You can remove ETH address from the profile :slightly_smiling_face: and wait a moment.

Yes I have done that now thanks alot for the help btw :slight_smile:

Btw I did not have any BNB on my metamask when I first transferred the cake if that info helps

Hmm it doesn’t look good :neutral_face: your Cake token are gone

have been sent here:

but what how is it possible :open_mouth:

Sent it to my own wallet i dont get it I did the exakt same thing with BNB and it came straight away …

I don’t know :thinking: but It was a quick action. Someone swapped your Cake token for 0.4764… BNB
and sent it here Address 0x7c24a0332c4217435df7dc8b957c3ef50e592bd5 | BscScan

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well fuck me then i guess… Thanks for the help anyway

It’s strange :thinking: check your computer with an antivirus program and create a new MetaMask wallet. Or buy hardware wallet :slightly_smiling_face: for example Trezor One + MetaMask :fox_face: = better security

trezor one

Just gonna use binance from now on instead this shit is too complicated haha

Luigi you appear to have kindly helped Chrissmash with his query. I have a similar issue which MetaMask Support have failed to investigate for the past 8 weeks… Like Chrismash I sent some CAKE tokens to my MetaMask account but for me this was from my Kucoin. I got a successful transfer on BscScan but the tokens never showed in my MetaMask account. The ‘From’ account correctly match my Kucoin account and the ‘To’ account correctly match my MetaMask account. I already had some CAKE in the account so the token and chain setup was already in place, the number of CAKE tokens however did not increase after the transfer!
Unlike Chrissmash I have no ‘Out’ entry under my MetaMask address on BscScan that relates to these tokens so do not believe I have had them stolen - they just never showed in my account despite the confirmation of a successful transfer…
Would really appreciate any suggestions of possible reasons for this scenario or do I just have to be patient and wait who knows how many more weeks for MetaMask Support to investigate?! :slight_smile: