Where are my tokens

Hello, im new here today i pucharsed 0.99 of cake with binance i used binance smart chain and binance test chain i bought the tokens and send it to my metamask wallet from bep20… so i don’t know what i did wrong i just followed the steps of a video i copy my public metamask adress the 0x9 that you click and copies to your clipboard and i was so sure that was my address but i think it followed other adress i got 2 address here first the one i copied from public address Address 0x94c35e869fFDed1FFBB7F388A8Bfb20629b4a65c | BscScan
and i got another one when i click view explorer.
Address 0x94c35e869fFDed1FFBB7F388A8Bfb20629b4a65c | BscScan

when i copy with ctrl c ctrl v is the same address but the page show different adresss idk whyyy
So as i said im new in this app and also new in cripto and was such a shame start to thinking that i lost 3k from my country money that equivales to 0.99 of CAKE… also i got screenshot of the transaction idk what went wrong please help.

Is because i don’t have bnb to pay tax?