Can not withdraw ETH (erc20) to Binance

Hello. I try to withdraw ETH (erc20) from my wallet (connect to trezor) to Binance many times but it always show an error and didn’t show any transaction in history.

An error shown “Failed Transactin. Transaction 0 failed! Error : string over…”

Please help to guide me out of this issue. I really need to use it.

I have eth around 0.0469 ETH in wallet.

Hey @Cottonmm, would you be able to send a screenshot of the error? That would provide more helpful information.

Make sure you are leaving enough ETH to pay for the gas fees, and that you have followed all the correct steps for sending a transaction with Trezor.

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Thank you for your reply. This is the message I have got. At that time I don’t have any way to solve so I update Trezor Firmware. After that, I try to send ETH again and it’s work.

So Thank you for your help. Hope my way could help others too.

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