Can see ETH in Metamask but not transfer out

I opened a second metatmask to use in Brave and sent ETH into it
I can see the ETH and also on Etherscan but when I try to trade with it or just transfer out the main screen will not let me
Please help i know just enough to screw it up

hello @Malcolm Welcome to the Metamask community.
Are you still experiencing issues with this?
Are you getting any sort of error messages, if so what do they say?

Yes i am still having the same problem. When i try to send the ETH out of my account I get the correct amount show in the screen but the NEXT box does not light up and nothing happpens when I click it

There are no eror messages, just nothing happens

would you be able to share a screenshot of this issue without any sensitive information?

@Malcolm Thank you for sharing that.
There are a couple things we can try:

  • toggle the network from ethereum mainnet to other networks then back to the ethererum mainnet.

  • ensure that the extension it is in the latest version.

  • back up your seed phrase safely and reinstall the extension.

Thank you so much i shall try all those things



I shall not be able to get to it until Friday but will do so then

no problem, @Malcolm I hope it helps.
If not do revert back. and we can investigate further.


Thank you so so very much

I erased the extension and re-installed it as you suggested. I was expecting to lose the wallet but when I entered the phrase it opened and I managed to do a trade on it



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