Can you recover all accounts with the seed phrase?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if you can recover all accounts with the seed phrase. When I reset my password by logging in with my seed phrase, I only get to see ‘account 1’. I store all my crypto in ‘account 2’. If I want acces to account 2, I have to import it with my private key. On the internet, various sites told me that you can recover multiple accounts with your seed phrase. Does anyone know if all accounts are linked to the seed phrase or if only the original account is linked to the seed phrase. If only the first account is linked to the seed phrase, would it THEORATICLY be OK if I shared the seed phrase with others since I only use account 2 and not account 1? I hope you can help

Okay first depends on how you created the 2 account s… If you are on mobile app and create acc1 you have also written down seed phrase 1. Now you click on create a new account for acc2 and there is no seed phrases 2 because seed 1 Will work also on acc2.
So if you have 2 seed phrases just discontinue the use of acc1 and it’s done… Other wise…
Mobile app or extension passwords and secret key are only related to the specific device and doesn’t go transferred together with wallet address.
Hope you do some more research to confirm what is happening on extension wallet because I know better about mobile app. Good luck and please let me know your finding s… Ciao