Cannot send ASTR from BinanceUS to MM

I want to send ASTR from BinanceUS to my MM wallet. So, I added the Astar Network to MM using as the RPC URL with a chain ID of 592.

In my BinanceUS wallet, the only network available is Astar Network when withdrawing. When I enter my MetaMask address in the Withdraw window, I get the error “This address is not a valid Astar Network address.”

I asked BinanceUS support about this issue. They said I needed to contact MetaMask about it.

Given the above info, how can I send my ASTR tokens from my BinanceUS wallet to my MM wallet?

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Do you know if the ASTR on BinanceUS is native ASTR or EVM ASTR? Assuming native but would like to be sure.

Also - to note, it’s always a good idea to have an anon identity (name and images) on the forums, especially when it comes to something of value. Hopefully you do, but wanted to throw it out there as a safety tip ! :slight_smile:


Here are Astar’s docs. This section is why I ask.

Step 1 - see " Sending ASTR/SDN to Astar Network from Central Exchanges" section of doc

Step 2 - see " Sending ASTR/SDN to Astar EVM from Astar Native (or any tokens in the account)" section of doc

You could try a smaller amount to see if it works fine, hoping gas isn’t too high for a test. I’m not familiar with ASTR so unsure of gas costs.

Remember that when you send tokens back to BinanceUS, or any exchange, you’ll want to confirm you’re sending the token on the network they accept. Example, if BinanceUS only accepts Native ASTR token, you’d need to portal EVM ASTR back to Native, before sending to BinanceUS, or they’d not arrive to Binance and be stuck.


Thanks for the security tip reminder!
I wasn’t thinking so clearly when I set up my account.


WRT the Astar docs, I’ll check them out in the am. Thank you for those links!


Some exchanges only support native ASTR and do not support EVM ASTR. Some exchanges support both.
Just a friendly reminder, since Polkadot’s addresses are very complex, it has different address formats. When you withdraw, please try with a small amount first, and then withdraw a large amount after the account is reached.


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