Cannot trade AVAX Error: [object Object]

For the past 2 hours ive been trying to find away to turn my AVAX in USDT or any other coin to withdraw on kraken. I tried all exchanges i known and this error shows up, i accept the transaction on my ledger but it just doesnt go through, i think it is metamask problem not my ledger or exchanges. Please let me know if there`s a way to fix it or maybe there is a metamask alternative i can connect my ledger to and withdraw AVAX, thanks!

Happen the same in every chain if you use Ledger on ETH app.
Need to update firmware in Ledger Live and Re-install all app.
work fine!

i reinstalled ledger live, and already have the newest firmware update, reinstalled all apps, but still, i accept all the things in the transaction process, like id, fee, etc on my ledger device, then after i click finalize transaction, it just freezes for a second and this error pops up…