i try to withdraw the earnings from a liquidity pool of uniswap with metamask .then i get the message failed transaction ,transaction 75 failed ledger device

Hi @positiontrader , welcome to MetaMask community!

Make sure that your Ledger and MetaMask wallet are both updated and that your Ledger Live is updated as well and then try again. In any case, can get in touch with Ledger support about it, as it looks like the error is about their device.


Also try to change the Preferred Ledger Connection Type :point_down:

Another option: try it on Firefox browser :smiley: some users Ledger wallet say that it works better for them on this browser.


thanks luigi ,i go try it


thanks for your answer ,both ledger and MetaMask are updated .

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i have followed the ledger comment and also checked in the chrome settings if webhid is allowed
that is allowed for MetaMask but still the same fault.

@positiontrader try MetaMask and Firefox :grinning: it must work

Close Ledger Live as it may conflict with MetaMask, especially if your Ledger device is connected to My Ledger.

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hi luigi

i needed help to install MetaMask with ledger .
(i am not 50 anymore )
i read also with firefox an hack (8 million) so i hesitate to use firefox(i am already hacked before )

now i see in ledger live there is a new version(there was not any yesterday )
so i try this first

Hmm :thinking: if you don’t trust firefox, try other supported browsers:

I recommend closing Ledger Live when you use MetaMask and Ledger

Here too I see a couple of tips that have helped people:

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thanks luigi

i will try

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