Can't accept a deposit from Ronin wallet to MetaMask wallet

Hello everyone;

I’m having an issue with a bridge withdrawal I did a while ago from Ronin wallet to MetaMask wallet.

It started out like this:

I have SLP tokens that I want to transfer from Ronin wallet to MetaMask wallet using withdrawal option on Ronin bridge, then accepted the transaction etc until a contract appeared at MetaMask extension that required a gas fee to continue the transaction but I hadn’t enough funds to do so, thus I had to reject the contract so that I could deposit some ETH to continue the transaction but I don’t see nowhere to accept the withdrawal from Ronin to MetaMask.

I have a pending withdrawal on Ronin that I can’t accept on MetaMask because the processing contract won’t show up anywhere in Activity tab, please help me with this one

same situation here, i have pending withdrawal from ronin wallet weth via ronin bridge to eth wallet metamask. im stuck here . please help.

I’ve sorted it out, thanks for nothing.

Make sure both your Ronin and MetaMask have funds for gas fees, then on the bridge page tap pending withdrawal, paste your MM wallet.

From there tap “confirm”, it will display the contract on MetaMask, just tap confirm in the extension if you accept to pay the gas fee. Voilà.

Please help. I used the bridge method on ronin to withdraw 1 eth from ronin to my metamask. The adress I filled in was correct. However I needed more eth on my metamask to confirm the transaction. So I first sent eth from binance to my metamask. When I received it I clicked on the pending withdrawal in ronin and then accepted the transaction in my metamask.
THen I received a message that the transaction was a succes. However when I clicked on the option to see it in etherscan, it couldn’t find the transaction. I have enough eth in ronin and in my metamask.
It keeps showing in ronin that I have a pending withdrawal. I tried to confirm the transaction 4 more times. Everytime it says that it is a succes but nothing happens. Please help! :sob:

Hey Garen how do you resolved it i see the SLP send to 0xe35d62ebe18413d96ca2a2f7cf215bb21a406b4b

Is your problem with ronin bridge to metamask withdrawal solve. I got the same issue and im stuck on it. What to do…

hello i have this problem too but i want click on pending and active that again but Ronin wallet pending withdraw dos not open for me is see this message An unexpected error has occurred.

i have this problem too but when i want tap pending withdraw i see this message ( An unexpected error has occurred. ) i cant open that for confirm. :frowning: