Can't get EOS out of Metamask?

I could really use some help here, I’m trying to get 35 EOS out of MEW. I tried Binance, It has an address of something like binancecleos which isn’t accepted by MEW. I looked to Coinbase for an EOS address to send it to and couldn’t find EOS listed. (Though they say they accept EOS). Also when I set up to try to begin a transfer it shows something like a $54 transfer fee, yikes. I simply want to cash out my EOS, it’s been there since 2018 and I’m not sure how to go about getting it out. I have a Coinbase US account and a Binance international account. Assistance would be very welcome. Thanks in advance, ed

Hi @edge-fat thanks for reaching out!

Do you still have an issue with it? Have you tried reaching out MEW support it looks like you would like to withdraw EOS from your MEW wallet. Please let us know where you are with it?

Thank you,
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