Cant Import Wallet Help! Cannot convert string to buffer.?

Hi Guys
so i have 2 separate accounts, one for my long holds and one for trading, so both wallets are accessible on TW, and only 1 on Metamask, For some reason whenever i try to import my wallet i get ‘Cannot convert string to buffer. toBuffer only supports 0x-prefixed hex strings and this string was given:0x-(followed by my seed phrase)’ this message is on the chrome extension, when using an iPhone i just get a ‘wallet cannot be imported’ message, I’ve used trust wallet and confirmed my seed phrase is correct multiple times so i know its not that but i cant find anything about why this isn’t working? can somebody pleaser help!
Thank You!!

You need to put in the private key, not the seed phrase.

Can anyone help me, please? Once I have connected my Ledger Nano X to Metamask, I go to the Import account and enter the string of my private key, I get the following message: “Cannot convert string to buffer. toBuffer only supports 0x-prefixed hex strings and this string was given”. Also, when I go to the “Connect to a Hardware wallet” option, it asks me to choose an account, but my SGB wallet (that shows os SGB Explorer) is not there. So, I am not able to choose an account to bring my SGB to Metamask.

Aren´t the private key and the seed phrase the same things? When I set up the Metamask it asked me for a password and then for 12 words only.

No, the private key is a long hexadecimal number. the 12 word seed phrase is a set of 12 words that are easier to remember, which where used to create the private key. But it is the private key that gives access to the wallet. The problem is if they have your 12 word secret phrase they can also get your private key, because it is calculated using a standard.

What Metamask is asking you is for the private key, not the 12 word secret phrase, to import the wallet.

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How do i get this private key? When i set up the metamask wallet they only gave me the 12 seed words and asked for a password. Also why the SGB address don t come up on the account list when i connect with ledger? My sgb and flr are shown on both Xrpscam and sgb Explorer.

Man, I just figured out that I used an ETH MEW address to claim FLR and SGB. How do I get my SGB now? I just checked the XRPSCAN and SGB Explorer and my SGB wallet address are indeed from MEW. Is the private key to be used to import should be from MEW or Metamask? When setting up the MEW wallet, it prompted me with the 24 seed phrase and asked for a 6 digits pin number only. Where do I get this Private key from? Please help. Cheers