Unable to import Trust Wallet

Hi there,
I am unable to import my Trust Wallet into Metamask wallet using the seed phrase and I don’t have my private key.

Does anyone know a workaround?

BTW, I was kicked out from the Metamask telegram channel for asking this question. I am wondering, what is wrong asking this question?

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Hi @M340i MetaMask :fox_face: does not offer support on Telegram, WhatsApp… :upside_down_face:

Trust Wallet ETH key you can find out using this tutorial :point_down:

Import ETH private key:

Keep your privte key safe :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your response. I did follow that article. However, I am getting following error:
“Cannot convert string to buffer. toBuffer only supports 0x-prefixed hex strings and this string was given: xxxxxx”

@M340i You changed the Coin to an Ethereum?

yes, and what am I supposed to copy paste into metamask to import?

You must copy Private Key

cool, it worked :grinning: I just need to add the the tokens in Metamask now, right? Also, I did notice that the tokens are still showing in Trust Wallet. Is that normal?

YES :smiley: it is normal :upside_down_face: YES you must add tokens… and keep your privte key safe.

Appreciate your help!

Ciao Luigi :wave:

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Yes! I am guessing not a few people are running into this since online suggestions all describe a feature for importing an account using a recovery phrase, which I am guessing has been deprecated?