Can't locate my Weth

Few months ago I wrapped some ETH in my MetaMask account(Chrome extension). Few days ago my Chrome was reset so I had to install all my extensions again. Since I revived my wallet with the seedphrase I can’t find the Weth anymore, even when I add the token.

The transaction hash of the “wrap” was: 0xa5be8e1e2358e47d2f0b9006c4910ffa4b0f041b694037254e274fe74897c16f

Does anyone have an idea how i can find it back?

Thank you so much…

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Hello @ritz88, welcome to the MetaMask community,

Which platform have you used to wrap ETH? Seems like the WETH has not been deposited to your account. Your wallet may be hacked or there may be another issue.

Please refer to the following post and let us know in case you need further assistance.


Hi @Maryam1 , thanks for your message… I wanted to bridge my Eth to Weth before changing it to Pulse. So I used the Pulsechain bridge site… Then I found out that I also needed some pulse to make the transaction, which I didnt have. Then i got caught up in other stuff and forgot about it unfortunately

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@Maryam1 these are the transaction details I found on the Pulsechain site:


If you have used a bridge to send your WETH to PulseChain, your WETH is on another network. You need to add both the PulseChain network and the WETH contract address to your MetaMask wallet.
WETH contract address on PulseChain is: 0x02dcdd04e3f455d838cd1249292c58f3b79e3c3c

In your wallet under the Tokens tab (PulseChain), click Import tokens. Then add the WETH contract address given above. Click the button “Add custom token” → Import tokens

The following article is related.



WETH is in your account under the PulsChain network. Please follow my previous post and you can see your WETH in your account.

Let us know in case you need further assistance.


Thank you so much! found it :slight_smile:


I am glad that you have found it and thanks for letting us know.


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