Can't send SLP to Illuvium so I can stake it

I put in the address of Illuvium staking site and it takes my ETH as gas and it never leaves. Says it was a success, but all my coins are still in MetaMask. Any help would be nice.

Hello @reneco11, welcome to MetaMask community!

What SLP, why to Illuvium and what are you trying exactly? Make sure you don’t interact with scam dApps or whatever website that is not official in any way, as part of Illuvium. Go directly from official channels to their official links and don’t listen to anyone dm-ing you about it. Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys.

Illuvium is a game. It also offers 2 pools to stake coins. Illuvium and SLA. I got the illuvium moved over and staked, but the sla won’t go. It says successful, but shows 0 coins moved. And they took a gas price for moving nothing

I understand now. SLA is different than the SLP you mentioned, but in any case, if you are absolutely sure you are on the right staking platform provided by the Illuvium team in an official way, then the issue with SLA staking might be because of their contract or platform. Every transaction has a gas price, even if it fails. In your case it was successful but nothing really happened, so it’s either an approval of using your SLA tokens and you need to do the actual staking transaction next or it’s an issue with their platform and you need to check what happened on etherscan, if it can even be found there, or directly with their team.

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