Withdrawing my SLP using bridge to metamask

I was withdrawing my slp (smooth love potion) few hours ago using the bridge of ronin to metamask. Now it’s because the gas fee was actually high I choose the method slow. It’s been 4 hours already right now. Do you think my token got scammed or whatsoever? Or it’s just very slow becuase I choose the method slow in gas fee? I hope I’m not scammed or whatsoever.

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where should I message to provide my email?

i have the same issue :frowning:

we can’t do anything anymore our slp got hijacked, I already took it for granted

This answer worked for me

Problem solve !
So here is what happen and what to do :

  • for some reason metamask don’t load the right contract for SLP
  • so you need to add the token manually (0xcc8fa225d80b9c7d42f96e9570156c65d6caaa25)
  • at this moment your SLP will appear directly
  • this address contract seems load an other token on the IOS version, but it work perfectly on webapp

Hope this will help you