I sent SLP using ronin bridge to my metamask But didnt receive the token

Good day, I’ve sent SLP using Ronin bridge to my metamask. I didnt receive the token and im still waiting for it till now. its almost been 2 hours since I made the transaction. I’ve checked it on etherscan and it says that the transaction was successful, I also put the right Eth Address. Can some please help me. Thank you

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Thank you. Sorry I didnt know

hello. im glad your issue has been resolved. can you help me contact them thru whatsapp? I tried putting on+12136674286 but i cant find them. thanks

Hello. I also cant find them on whats app. I think those comments are just spam just dont mind them. Do you have the same problem?

I fixed mine by adding the token on metamask. Just search the Contract address and add it to mestamask. It seems that the metamask is not doing it automatically in SLP now since the SLP is renamed from Small to smooth love potion

I Have the same problem :frowning:

it didn’t my problem