Sent SLP to Metamask from ronin but didn't receive

Yesterday, I tried to withdraw my SLP from ronin to Metamask but it didn’t work out because I’m out of ETH so I load my account on Metamask and sent it to my ronin wallet.

After that, we made a new transaction and it was successfully transferred.

Unfortunately, it’s been a day of waiting but my SLP is not showing up on my Metamask wallet. I hope someone can advise me on what to do next.

Someone told me to contact Kookoo Crypto and send the proof of transaction there but I don’t know how to contact them. Please help. Thank you.

up… i have the same problem too.sent my slp from ronin to metamask. (note i already have slp token on my ethereum mainnet) and this my 3rd time to withdraw slp from ronin to metamask. please help.

happened to me just now. try this, go to your ronin bridge > Withdrawal. On top of your screen besides “Withdrawal”, there is a link says “Check your pending withdrawals”. click on it and insert the ETH address you have withdrawn your SLP to.
you’ll figure out what to do next from there.