Failed withdrawal of SLP via Ronin Bridge to Metamask

I have withdrawn my SLP via Ronin Bridge to Metamask, I have enough ETH for gas fee, but the transaction status is “Fail” and shows “Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [ Reverted ]” there are no reverted SLP to my ronin wallet, it’s already deducted and Metamask hasn’t receive any SLP either. What can I do ? Please help, I want my SLP back.


I have the same issue did you solve it?

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same issue here pls. share if this problem got solved the SLP is still reflecting in my dashboard but there’s no SLP on my ronin

Hey, I have the same issue. Were you able to resolve it?

Guys! I have an update. Hope this will help. Go to Coingecko, search for the SLP then you will see an option to add it to your metamask. Just do that and you will see your SLP tokens. Hope this helps!

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how to search it in coingecko? would you make a screenshot of it pls?

Here’s the link and screen shot.
You can also check on the block explorer to make sure the SLP is now in the correct eth address on the correct network.

my question is i can’t view my SLP on ronin extension but it is being reflected on my Inventory how to make it visible on ronin?

I’ve tried that add to metamask but it appears zero SLp on metamask pls help

I see in this case. I would recommend opening a support ticket with your wallet’s public address and the transaction hash so we can take a deeper look.

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I have the save problem sir how can I slove it it says failed reverted

i found the solution, must remove the ronin extension then put it back then relog in that way your new ronin will reflect the slp in your axie account wish it could help slight :wink:

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Thanks I hope itthat it will work

same here, i rejected my transaction from ronin to metamask, and then status failed. now i cant see where my slp is, i hope someone find a fix to this,

guys i found a fix with my problem ragerding mg failed transaction and error. if you are having problems try to use a diffrent browser. i was using chrome, then i tried using firefox. it appears ok now, just make sure there is enough gas fee. hope this helps.

Go to Ronin Bridge > click withdraw then you will see ‘Check your pending withdrawals’
Fill in your destination wallet address that you wanted to send it to.

Your transaction will appear. Just click confirm and pay the Gas fee!

have you solve your problem?
same here. somebody please help

I solved it using firefox

hi! did it work for you? I have same problem failed reverted

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Did you resolve you issue? i have same problem

Yeah give me your facebook or Instagram or any social media I can teach you how did I got my slp back give me your name in any social media platforms so we can chat properly