Pending transaction with stuck SLP sent to metamask,cannot be confirmed

Hello everyone;

I’m having an issue with a bridge withdrawal I did yesterday from Ronin wallet to MetaMask wallet.

I have SLP tokens that I want to transfer from Ronin wallet to MetaMask wallet using withdrawal option on Ronin bridge, then accepted the transaction etc until a contract appeared at MetaMask extension that required a gas fee to continue the transaction,I had enough($74usd) and I clicked on confirm,but the SLP did not show up on my metamask,even tho I had added the token before the transaction.I don’t see nowhere to accept the withdrawal from Ronin to MetaMask.

I have a pending withdrawal on Ronin that I can’t confirm on MetaMask because the processing contract won’t show up anywhere in Activity tab, please help me with this one

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I have the same problem.

Please help us!