Lost SLP after a reverted transaction from ronin to metamask

I tried to withdraw SLP from ronin to metamask. I have enough gas fee but the process took too long until I decided to speed up the process. After the attempt, the gas fee was deducted but the contract was revereted. The problem is that my SLP is nowhere to be found.

I have quite similar to your case. I withdraw ETH from Ronin to metamask. I have enough gas fee too . My transaction is show success but no ETH in my Metamask. Now I contact to ronin support and wait for them to check. Hopefully it will solve it.

Hello! Could you give me a link that directs me to ronin support? I can’t find it on the web. Thank you

I try to contact them over their discord too.

Did u find a solution ?

please try to contact them through email and if you got solution please share Thank you