Can't send token from metamask

Hi there. Need help. I have some token on my metamask in KCC mainnet, but when I tried to send token I see the next message: “insufficient funds for gas”. Please help. Thanks.

How much was the gas fee to send? (Also tokens that drop in to the wallet without you knowing what they are could be very bad if you try to use them)

Thanks for the quick response. Please see attached file. This token is my I’ve sent them from Kucoin to MetaMask KCC mainnet.

I’m new to MetaMask I just tried to transfer my first time

Hey @rusell, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

You will need KuCoin token (KCS) to pay for the gas fees on KCC mainnet.

Here is some more information about the “insufficient funds” error on our Knowledge Base:

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