Cant send XDC out of my metamask wallet

I have sent XDC tokens to my metamask wallet and see it there but I cant seem to send it out I get this error message “Not ETH network, set to lowercase”

The address I’m sending it to ive sent XDC to it before and had no problem receiving it from a non metamask wallet.

Xdc is an exclusive Xdc chain. Since you said you saw your Xdc in metamask, you should successfully configure the Xdc chain. In addition, your transfer address must also be the Xdc chain address. If it is not Xdc chain, transfer cannot be made.

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Thanks for the reply

I’ll be more specific
I sent XDC from my kucoin wallet to metamask and then sent a portion of it to a pool and the remaining portion I wanted to send back to the exact same Kucoin XDC address I originally sent it from. So The wallet I’m sending it to is on the XDC chain as I’ve received and sent XDC from this address before.

Can you take a screenshot for me to see?

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I figured out the problem you need to change the first part of the address over to 0x

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Can you send a screenshot, because from the description, what I learned may not be accurate

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