How do I transfer USDC out of my metamask wallet to another site

I have the address for the site I want to send the USDC in my metamask wallet with a green check, I can enter the amount I want to send, but the next button will not un-fade so I cant click it and continue the transaction. I just sent the USDC from another site today, and I have no ETH in this wallet, could those things have something to do with why I cant send the USDC?

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So I gather I need to have ETH in the wallet to send coin out of the wallet??? Pretty messed up that I was able to put USDC in the wallet paying only USDC in gas, but to get the USDC out I have to use ETH? I really wish it had said that somewhere before I put USDC into a wallet I could not get it out of. So I tried to buy ETH, in the amount I payed to put the USDC in, to get the USDC out, 10$. And I need to pay 33$ in gas to swap 10$ of USDC for ETH to get my USDC out of this wallet??? WTF is going on here? Either I’m a fool or I’m being swindled, possible both. I feel like what I’m going through is not new, no one can point me to a relevant post?