I'm so confused

I am so confused, I am trying to buy baby doge and I am totally new at this. So I sent $95.00 of USDC to my MetaMask wallet. I was hoping I could exchange that for baby doge. w

Well now I am trying to buy babydoge and it keeps saying I need to have more ETH to be able to swap… well anyway, I am trying to buy some ETH with my apple account and it keeps saying the transaction is failed, I have tried so many times and its saying the same thing over and over again failed.

At this point, i want to just get my usdc out of metamask and transfer them to either coinbase, or bitmart. But every time i try to send the USDC to my other wallet, it says i Need more ETH to make the transfer. This is so stressful, how do get my coins out of this horrible app!!!?


Do you have any eth in your wallet?

To buy any token, sell any token, or send a token, you need eth to pay for the gas/transaction fee. These fees have nothing to do with metamask but go to the miners who complete your transaction on the Ethereum network. These fees fluctuate all the time depending on what is happening on network.

Let’s start with if you have eth first and go from there to hopefully resolve your issue.