Can't withdraw my OMI tokens

Hi, I have been trying to withdraw my OMI tokens from my Metamask wallet to the Bitforex Exchange but it keeps saying Transaction Error every time. It also kept saying no keyring found for the requested account.
I have set the network to GoChain and I have 139 Go tokens available.

What could be the problem? Please help me.


Please be certain that the exchange you are withdrawing to supports that blockchain. If you have issues persisting it may be related to how the custom network has been added in your instance. Have you executed txns with this network successfully before on MetaMask? Also try logging out and back into MetaMask.

Hi, I am trying to send the OMI tokens from my Metamask to the same Exchange where I bought them from. (Bitforex).
I just logged out and back in again and tried to make a withdrawal but it still says transaction error.

Please help.

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Sorry to hear you’re still receiving this error.

If logging out and back into your MetaMask wallet did not resolve the issue, please try the following:

  • Clear your web browser cache, log back into your MetaMask account and try the transaction again.
  • Securely save and store your secret seed phrase and any private keys you have imported to your wallet. Next, uninstall and reinstall MetaMask, restore your wallet with your secret seed phrase, & try the transaction again. Please note this will remove any RPC networks or custom tokens and other settings you’ve added to your wallet, but can easily be added back once you restore your wallet.

Hello I’m receiving a different error msg while trying to send omi can you please help, would restore my wallet work for this problem !

Hi time did it work for you I’m having problems to

What error message are you receiving?

I have the same problem I have GO and OMI but I can’t withdraw my OMI tokens, I dont have Ethereum maybe is necessary to pay the gas with Eth???

I have Metamask and Ledger linked, when I try to withdraw the money, in the ledger I can see the OMI contract address, which is this “0x5347FDeA6AA4d7770B31734408Da6d34a8a07BdF” but I can’t see in the Ledger the address where I am going to receive my OMI. Does that have to be so or is it a bug?

Im having the same issues. If someone has resolved it please help

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Im gettin RPC error 32603 and 32000 anyone else

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I have also my Omi and Go tokens in my wallet, but Im not able to withdraw them out of metamask. Im getting an Internal “JSON-RPC error”. How to solve it?

Altuno i have 1 idea :grinning: maybe it will work

Export Metamask ETH Private Key :point_down:

Download Trustwallet :slightly_smiling_face: this wallet support GoChain

click I already have a wallet - select GoChain - import Private Key…

BUT this is not much secure :neutral_face:

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Ty for your answer! I’ll try it if i cannot find any solutions within metamask! Still searching…

ok Altuno :slightly_smiling_face: your use metamask on mobile? when YES test PC version :smiley:

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Ty a lot @Luigi I follwed the thread you shared and saw that changing the GWEI amount to 2000 may help. And yes it helps, Im now able to withdraw. I appreciate your help, ty!!!

I didnt try the PC version, might be also a solution…

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super :grinning: :+1: yes PC version is maybe better

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Hi all,

I have trouble with withdrawing OMI token from my Metamask wallet, I have connected my ledger to Metamask. When I go on my ledger account on Metamask and go on GO chain mainet, I tryed to send OMI to exchange but I cant, some error pops up.

Can somebody explain me and help me how can I withdraw OMI from my metamask.


I think they are having huge issues globally