Transferring OMI from MetaMask Ledger to Exchange

I dont know how to get my withdrawal from MetaMaswk to work. I’ve looked at all the forums and medium articles but still no luck.

  • I have my OMI and GO added to my GoChain Network account 2 (connected to my ledger)
  • I have my ledger plugged in and waiting in the ethereum app
  • I click my OMI >> press send >> clicked my saved recipient wallet >> enter amount of OMI >> Clicked next >> change GWEI to 2500 >> still nothing, it says pending then failed.

Ive tried resetting my metamask to try and clear mt history but it seems the history remains.
I’ve tried turning on custom nonce… nothing

I have nothing else to try and I am really losing hope.

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@CAMERA6 Welcome to the MetaMask Community.
Sorry to hear about your experience.
We will be happy to take a further look on what might be happening.
Please help to open a support ticket here with necessary info such as your state log Submit a request – MetaMask
Be aware of scammers and not share your seed phrase-secret recovery phrase.