Certificate issue on Android

Hi, I’m creating a dApp and there is an issue loading the site on the MetaMask browser for Android : an error message is displayed instead (we encountered a problem / we could not load this page) with detail “SSL error: The certificate authority is not trusted”.

My certificate is issued by R3 from Let’s Encrypt (relying on Internet Security Research Group). There is no error on other mobile browsers (Kiwi, Brave, Chrome, FireFox) or on MetaMask for iPhone!

==> is this a known issue? (this other post looks similar). Is there any restriction on root certification authorities specifically for Android? Could MetaMask for Android incorporate the R3 certificate as other browsers and the desktop and iPhone version seem to do?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello and welcome to the MetaMask community, indeed as you said another article had mentioned this issue, I think you can contact MetaMask support for a more professional answer!


Well, I opened a ticket as adwised.

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