Android Metamask Application dont loading

Good day to everybody
Today when i try to open MetaMask Android Application don’t load up and writes this issue.I am so sad with this coz the wallet is new and don’t have the phrase.When i go to try to take the prase from the Android MetaMask Application dont saws it becouse an instant freeze.I have already opened ticket for solution to Technical Team and wait.
Please Help me if anyone knows what must do
Thank you


Hello @PolarVortex , welcome to MetaMask community!

Please continue with this issue with the Technical Support team, please be patient for them to help you out.

Sure bro wait their reply how many time to wait for it? Can you hear again this problem?

Στις Παρ, 24 Νοε 2023, 11:40 ο χρήστης Chinzilla via MetaMask <> έγραψε:

Hi @PolarVortex they will respond. Please be careful of scammers impersonating support. NEVER input your Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) or private keys into a site or pop-up requesting it. Never share your SRP or private keys with anyone, including support.

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