Metamask loads indefinetly

Hey guys! New here.
My Issue: My MetaMask extension doesn’t open anymore AT ALL. It shows the circle for loading when i click on it, until it crashes. Asks me to restart it, and we arrive at loading again.

This is fatal for me, because I havent documented which wallet had coins where, and i’d love to be able to use it again. Appreciate any help.

When I restart the exentsion, this is my Console Output:

Content Security Policy: Die Einstellungen der Seite haben das Laden einer Ressource auf inline blockiert (“script-src”). moz-extension:1:147340
(Translation from German: The Settings of this Website stopped the loading of a reccource on inline (“scriptsrc”))

MetaMask: Content script lost connection to “MetaMask Background Multiplex”. undefined contentscript.js:1:146142

MetaMask: Muxed traffic for channel “MetaMask-provider” failed. undefined contentscript.js:1:146054

MetaMask: Content script lost connection to “MetaMask Background Legacy Multiplex”. undefined contentscript.js:1:146142

MetaMask: Muxed traffic between channels “provider” and “MetaMask-provider” failed. undefined contentscript.js:1:148482

MetaMask: Muxed traffic for channel “publicConfig” failed. undefined


Hello @Luigixb, welcome to MetaMask community!

Try making sure your browser and extension are both up-to-date with the latest version installed, clear cache and cookies of your browser and try again.
If you have (and you should have backed it up) the Secret Recovery Phrase stored safely on a piece of paper somewhere, you should also be able to reinstall and restore your MetaMask wallet using the words. Do not share them with anyone ever.

ConsenSys has also recently launched MetaMask Portfolio dApp where you can check all your addresses and keep tabs on all your crypto in one place. You can use that to check on all your tokens. Make sure you don’t interact with any tokens you know nothing about, as scam airdrops happen all the time and interacting with any of it could compromise your wallet.


Ty! Pleasure to be here.

I updated my MetaMask and my Firefox.
I do have backed it up, but its rough finding everything, finding out which account was what and more.

That feature is really something, great work!
But either i missed some NFT’s I owned, or the code missed some.

Is there any way to restore my MetaMask? Im happy to provide any Errors you’d need to help you help me!


If your issue persists and you still can’t access the wallet, although, from what i know, what i suggested could have fixed your issue, do try and reinstall the MetaMask extension and restore your wallet using your Secret Recovery Phrase.

As far as restoring all your other accounts, it all depends on what kind of accounts they are. Here are 2 articles that clarify that for you and help you understand what to do.

The Portfolio dApp is still in beta as the title suggests, so it will be continuosly improved.


Ive had the Problem for over 1 Month now.

MetaMask Version is: 10.20.0
Firefox Version is: 105.0.2 (64-Bit)

That are both Versions after i updated. Feel free to correct me if i f*ed up :slight_smile:


Hi @Luigixb ,

Do you have your secret recovery phrase? don’t share it (ever), but wanting to confirm you have it?

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Hey! I do have it. I also started setting up my wallet in another browser. But i have trouble finding some tokens and nfts, and finding which wallet were connected to shady sides, and which names they had and for what i used them. So id LOVE to get back my old wallet. Thought with some errorcodes that should be possible

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you could use blockchain explorers like for the hunt if you know the addresses (or something like but there is also the mnemonic account generator developed by Dan Finlay. It’s shared in this MetaMask Knowledge base article under #2 that can help in these situations.

Remember, if you find tokens or NFTs you don’t remember buying, it’s probably a phishing scam airdrop of sorts.

Also, you can use a tool like for reviewing and revoking privilege’s. There are others sites like this, as described in this MetaMask article.

Circling back to your original issue, assuming you already tried uninstalling/reinstalling on Firefox and still had the issue, can you reach out to our Help Desk team on this? It may help for them to see the ticket. To do this, visit and click the large blue ‘Start a Conversation’ bubble. From there, you’ll be connected to a bot and as you answer questions it will connect you to an agent. Agents will never ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase, or to connect to your device.



Ty very much, that you took so much time! Would really be great if i could restore it without deleting it all. Really appreciate it!