Meatamsk mobile browser ssl error

I have a DAPP application that has undergone HTTPS processing and is accessed normally in Google Chrome. When I use a deep link to the Meatamsk mobile browser, it prompts for an SSL error, but my DAPP is already in HTTPS status and the SSL certificate has just been applied for

Hi @user3197 do you have a repo to your dapp is it public did you use mobile SDK?


@user3197 welcome to MetaMask community !

Can you show a screenshot of the error related to ssl?

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yes,my dapp is public,I am only using deep link to operate the MetaMask mobile terminal, I am using Android 13,I want to open my DAPP on MetaAsk Mobile, but it shows an SSL error. However, my DAPP has HTTPS and can be accessed normally on an Apple phone, but not on Android

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I am using Android 13,the error like this

Thank you for your answer

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the error like this and thank you for your answer

@user3197 thank you for the detailed report on the detected issue.
What is your current version of MetaMask?
What happens if you open your dapp using a direct link in the MetaMask browser, rather than a deep one?
Does this ssl error occur on all sites or only on your specific dapp ?


hi,My MetaMask mobile version is 7.5.0, and this error also occurs when I open it in the MetaMask browser. This SSL error only occurs on my specific app

I’m not very clear, I’m a beginner in MetaMask

Have you tried changing wireless access points? Or for example mobile Internet

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Yes, I have made changes, but none of them work. Dapp works normally on Apple phones, but the above issue occurs on the Android end. Additionally, I use deep linking to wake up MetaAsk mobile and open it directly through

I am normal on other DAPPs, only mine is not, so I suspect my calling method is incorrect. Can you provide a solution for linking MetaMask on the mobile end? Currently, most of my users are Android users. If possible, thank you very much

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