Chain ID issue - assitance?

I am having the same problem. I cannot change the set up, as it was provided by the “school” doing this course. I am in an Oracle VM VirtualBox with Ganache setting up the test net and truffle. Doing a truffle develop gives me an http of Ganache is supposed to be ChainID of 1337, but it gives me “could not fetch chain ID. Is your RPC URL correct?” Inside of Ganache I see an http of with Network ID of 5777. I have also tried that to no avail. Because this setup came from a zipped file, I do not know where all the JSON files are or all of the Web3 js files are or even Node.js. Why doesn’t Metamask allow us to connect a private test network as we need? This worked with the version of Metamask in March of 2018 (when the “school” made the course).


Hi @ArntheWeeb ,

Sharing the Trufflesuite docs in case it helps. Truffle and MetaMask - Truffle Suite

Does anything in this post from the stackexchange help?

Also seeing these on

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Also to confirm, same question posed here -

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