Change metamask secure phrase

I have been tricked by one person from metamask support. Now I need to first change the secure phrase. Please tell me how I can do that

Hi there.
I’m sorry you have to experience that.
However, It is not possible to change the seed phrase.
No support would ever ask for seed phrase to assist you or to connect to your wallet.

Then what should I do. Some fake agent asked me

If you still have funds in your account, transfer them out to another account as soon as possible.

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How I can. I am trying to send my usdt in chain wallet to binance chain but the amount says 0 even though there are 43 usdt

Try following this guide for sending tokens to change the send amount.

I am using chain network to accept BEP20

See this : I followed your step but I have no idea why it’s shows amount 0 instead of actual number of usdt it should sent.

And shows more than 43 usdt plus bnb in fees. I am trying to send 43 usdt.

Nikhil Jain