Coins disappear from listing after 2 days but reappear if I buy more

Strange thing going on here. So I bought a bunch of Kishu Inu. 3 successful purchases. They showed up in my listing when I opened my wallet. They were listed at the bottom of my portfolio right below my Eth and Shiba. 2 days after the last purchase, I open metamask and they are gone. Eth is still there. Shiba is still there. Kishu is gone. I go to history and the transactions are still there. I decide to try an experiment and buy another small set of Kishu and when I do, all of the original Kishu shows up with the new purchase now added in. All of it is intact. It stays there for two more days aaaaaaaannnd it’s gone! I know it’s not gone or lost. It’s just not showing up. I can’t buy 20 bucks of this every 2 days to keep it showing up. Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening? I’m tempted to do another small purchase and then send the whole thing to a different wallet. Again, the coins are still there as if I purchase, they all show up. They just stop showing on the wallet after 2 days and it’s only the Kishu although it may not be caused by the Kishu it may just be dropping the last item, which just happens to be the kishu, from display. Thank you!

Found the solution. I added the custom token to the wallet aaaaaannnnddd it’s back!