Coins not received

Hello, I sent a BNB between my two accounts on Metamask yesterday and I did not received them.
Could you help me sort that of please?

Hello Agnieszka :slightly_smiling_face: send more info
Added BNB token on two accounts? :see_no_evil: this is stupid question
Today I’m KO :sweat_smile:
Two accounts on one computer? :slightly_smiling_face: or 1. account on pc and 2. on notebook?
try metamask on another browser

hello, sorry if some of my question are stupid but I am really new with this.
I have one account on my phone and other on PC. I was sending monay from phone to PC adress. Before I was sending coins and received. That account number was safed, so it is impossible that I put wrong number. Do you know what went wrong?

Hello :slightly_smiling_face: no no I meant my question (Added BNB… ) is stupid :smile: your question is normal

OK you send BNB from phone Metamask or another wallet? on PC Metamask?
may I see Transaction Hash?


OK this transaction is fine :slightly_smiling_face:

and connected your PC MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain? :point_down:

Yes, both are connected ;/

hmm :roll_eyes: I’m running out of ideas :sweat_smile:

try this :point_down: