Compromised MetaMask

I have read a post that asked, “if the MetaMask has been compromised, could it be put into a hardware ledger”, the response was that you should not use the same wallet if the recovery phrase has been compromised. However my question is, will it now provide protection to the remaining assets i have on the wallet? I have had some of my funds stolen and even from 1 of 3 projects I’ve invested in. I have already been told my the project team i cannot recover any of the funds they stole from me, but i still have assets in my other 2 projects which cannot be taken out as they are locked in, they generate rewards daily which you have to claim but the initial investment you cannot take out and is locked in, so my question being, will now using a hardware ledger protect those other 2 projects from hackers being able to make claims on my rewards as they would need the ledger to confirm transactions?

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In fact, once the seed phrase or secret key is leaked, the wallet address will no longer be secure. We usually transfer the funds at the first time and no longer use the stolen wallet address. Some of the stolen funds you mentioned here and the remaining funds locked in some agreements can be redeemed at the right time, because it is possible that the hacker does not know the rest of your funds.


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